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Globe launches TMBayan Fiber WiFi for more affordable, accessible internet

Connecting to the internet even on a budget might not be a problem anymore.
A new Fiber WiFi for the masses!

UNLI data for less!

Globe Telecom has launched its new prepaid product, TMBayan Fiber WiFi, which aims to make fast fiber internet connection more accessible and affordable to all Filipinos.

In order to bridge the digital divide in the country, we want to help those that need it the most. By removing the price barrier, Globe will make fast fiber internet accessible to all, said Globe Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira in a statement.

Cabreira noted TMBayan Fiber Wifi is designed to be the most accessible fiber plan in the market.

It is a WiFi service that can be used to access the internet through wireless devices. Moreover, this offering is open to all mobile networks.

Under TMBayan, Filipinos can start surfing the internet for as low as PHP 5, which will last for an hour. Other promos available are the following:
UNLI data for as low as PHP 5
UNLI data for as low as PHP 5

This is part of Globe's commitment to delivering innovative products to those that need them the most, maximizing its fiber footprint, and digitally enabling Filipinos through reliable connectivity, the company said.

TMBayan Fiber WiFi brings together the network strength of Globe and accessibility of TM to deliver Globe’s fiber-strong brand of connectivity to more Filipinos. We envision having TMBayans all across the country, with everyone able to access reliable Internet connection, Cabreira said.

Making TMBayan Fiber WiFi accessible to all will be done by making sari-sari stores, town plazas, community centers, and other convergence areas WiFi hubs. It has been initially launched in several establishments in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, Cebu, and Davao.

Through this, small-time businesses will be also helped as people gather up in their new "tambayan."


Meanwhile, Globe is allotting PHP 89 billion for its network expansion and improvements this year as it aims to provide a #1stWorldNetwork to Filipinos.

Through this allocation, the company aims to enhance its fiber assets, build more cell sites, upgrade towers to 4G LTE, and roll out 5G technology and in-building solutions.

In the first quarter of 2022, Globe said it was able to build 1.74 times more lines in an accelerated fiber strategy to improve customer internet experience. It also logged a 155 percent jump in its fiber broadband take-up in the same period, leading to a 164 percent surge in fiber revenues.

Source: TM

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