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Shopee's top local merchants sold 6x more items during 9.9 Super Shopping Day!

During Shopee's 9.9 Super Shopping Day, the platform stated that the top local sellers saw 6x more product sales than any average day. Read on!
Shopee announces 6x more items sold during 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Top local Shopee sellers sold 600 percent more on September 9!

The 9.9 Super Shopping Day allowed consumers to take advantage of discounts, freebies, FREE shipping, and more on September 9th. That allowed the top local sellers to sell 6x more items compared to the average data.

Shopee collaborated with sellers to compile a wide range of PHP 1 and PHP 49 bargains, assisting customers in getting the most for their money when they purchased daily necessities in the categories of Women's Apparel, Home & Living, and Health & Personal Care on September 9. 

Shopee stated that one shopper saved as much as PHP 200,000 on necessary back-to-school products like a new laptop, laptop accessories, and desk accessories. Filipinos were eager to take advantage of the offered offers when purchasing their daily requirements.

Local sellers also used the 9.9 Super Shopping Day to expand their enterprises. For instance, on September 9 alone, a local seller from Valenzuela City sold almost 400,000 packets of face masks. In order to interact with their audience, another vendor of trendy items joined Shopee Live. During their 9.9 webcasts, the seller received 80,000 views. 

As consumers turned to Shopee for their go-to branded parenting basics, personal care items, and beauty must-haves, prominent brands Uni-Care, Unilever Beauty, and Maybelline also witnessed an increase in orders.

As consumers took advantage of ShopeePay's PHP 1 Load & Data promotions, Filipinos continued to experience easy, cost-effective payments, tripling their purchases on 9.9 compared to a typical day. During Super Shopping Day, payment transactions with different billers more than doubled, and local buyers also used ShopeePay to pay for things on their wish lists such as cookware sets, skincare products, and mobile phone accessories.

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