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Benefits of Globe's consistent and high network availability!

To those who missed it, reports from international entities Ookla and Opensignal hailed Globe Telecom as the "most consistent" network in the country in Q1 and Q2 of 2022. In addition, Ookla said that it also has the highest availability score in the land.
Then the signal strength is strong, it is quite good even for gaming!

What does that mean?

In particular, Globe recorded a 79.4 percent consistency score Globe in Q1 and 79.44 in Q2 at Ookla. This is about 2 points higher than its unnamed competitors with 91.91 and 91.41, respectively.

Ookla said the consistency score reflects the telco carrier's data samples that meet minimum download and upload speeds thresholds.

We won't dig deeper for everyone to understand this, but the higher the score is, the more likely the consumer will enjoy an acceptable internet performance and quality.

You may read more about the scores of Ookla here.

Globe also recorded a good consistency rating of 51.6 percent during the first quarter of 2022 at Opensignal.

The benefits:

Good speed
Good speed

1. It is usable for work and school
- Having a good internet connection even when you are outside of the house is vital for both work and school.

With this, you can stay connected all the time to answer personal messages to you via chat, do video conferencing anywhere with good signal reception, do research for your homework or work, stream lessons or tutorials, and upload and share your work with your boss or professor easily, among others.

Good consistency and high network availability of a telco could help you achieve and do your tasks well.

2. It could be nice for gaming - Network availability and consistency are also very important when playing games. Its users will encounter fewer drops and lags which could lead to winning games. Even if you increase the resolution of the game you are playing online, the chance of getting lag is way lower than when you are connected to a traditional 4G network. 

It will also lessen your stress due to those factors and let you focus on the game you are playing more. 
Watching Attorney Woo on the go? No problem.
Watching Attorney Woo on the go? No problem.

3. It is quite nice for streaming - If there's 5G in your area, you will also be able to enjoy high-definition steaming with Globe.

We tried it on Netflix, YouTube, Viu, iQIYI, Spotify, and Apple Music and the experience is nearly flawless. Take note that most of the videos we played are at least 1080p and we were even able to stream heavy Apple lossless files with ease.

So, we find its 5G in available areas to be great for streaming while you are relaxing.

How did Globe achieve this?

File photo of a Globe 5G antenna
File photo of a Globe 5G antenna

While 5G is still a new tech, Globe resilient pushes to make it available in as many locations as possible. Globe is also continuously upgrading its towers to 5G and they deploying more and more towers in the country.

In fact, for Q1 of 2022 alone, the telco said it built 234 cell sites nationwide, upgraded 2,344 mobile sites to 4G, and installed 380 5G sites.

Globe is also targeting to roll out about 1,700 new cell sites by yearend.

Recently, the brand also pioneered the use of next-generation antennas to facilitate 4G acceleration and 5G evolution in the country.

In 2022 alone, Globe Telecom is investing PHP 89 billion this year to further improve its network quality and coverage in the country.

Quick thoughts

Globe 5G speed test in a 5G-ready area on a 5G-ready device
Globe 5G speed test in a 5G-ready area on a 5G-ready device

It is not perfect and there is still a lot of work to be done in 5G and the general mobile connectivity in the country, but Globe is showing some solid promise. 

This is thanks to its continuous efforts to make this tech better and more widely available. As a result, the company recorded strong consistency and availability scores from independent testing firms.

We think that the best is yet to come.
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