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PH third among countries with widest 5G rollout in 2022


The Philippines ranked third among countries with the highest number of cities where 5G services are available in 2022.
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5G availability in the Philippines

Number of cities in which 5G is available
Number of cities in which 5G is available

It seems like the 5G rollout of telcos has been effective so far.

According to data from Statista, the Philippines currently has 5G services available in 98 cities across the country.

It was way behind China, which has 356, and the United States, which has 296.

However, it ranked higher than South Korea which currently covers 85, and Canada which currently has 84.

While the Philippines is one of the countries with the widest availability of 5G services, this does not mean that internet speed in the country is better than the others.

The ranking only showed the number of cities wherein telcos were able to roll out 5G services. 

It does not show how many 5G cell sites are there per city.

Citing Ookla's Speedtest Global Index, the PhilStar said the Philippines ranked 85th among 139 nations in terms of mobile internet speed.

The country’s mobile internet speed improved to 22.54 Mbps in September from 22.35 Mbps in August.

However, this is still far from the global median speed of 33.17 Mbps.

The Philippines' mobile internet speed is also nowhere near Norway's (126.94 Mbps), United Arab Emirates (126.85 Mbps), and Qatar's (124.29 Mbps).

When it comes to fixed broadband speed, the country recorded 78.69 Mbps in September, up from 78.33 Mbps in August.

It exceeded the global median speed of 71.39 Mbps, but was still far from Chile's 217.43 Mbps, Singapore’s 215.83 Mbps, and China’s 196 Mbps.

In terms of reliability, a 2022 survey by multinational IT firm Cisco found that 91 percent of Filipino workers said that faster improvements to internet infrastructure are needed to meet demands from citizens, Rappler reported.

The same percentage also said that the internet in the Philippines should be improved if they are to be fully supported working from home, while in public places, or on the move.

Surely, there are still issues that have to be resolved before Filipinos enjoy the benefits of 5G services.

Let us know what you think about this.

Source: Statista, Via: PhilStar, Rappler

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