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Meta improves End-to-End Encryption experience, adds your favorite Messenger features!

Meta's newest update brings an improved experience for End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) talks adding the usual Messenger features.
Meta improves End-to-End Encryption experience, adds your favorite Messenger features!
The new features preview

No more boring looks for End-to-End Encryption chat!

While the E2EE chat and calls provide robust security measures it also looks plain and boring and lacks the Messenger features that you usually enjoy.
Now it has a more refreshed look!
Now it has a more refreshed look!

But now Meta has decided to revamp the E2EE experience along with a number of features that will add more soul to the user's chats.

Below is the full list of features as per Facebook's announcement:

  • Chat themes: Facebook added chat themes to help personalize and enhance your conversations in end-to-end encrypted chats so you can stay away from having a plain background. Now you can set either night or day themes, cute or different concepts including static color and gradient themes.
  • Custom chat emojis and reactions: You may now also personalize your response with a wide range of emoji reactions and customize the quick reaction tray in the said secured line.
  • Group profile photos: Users may now set group profile photos for different chats with friends or work colleagues.
  • Link previews: Facebook rebuild the link previews for end-to-end encrypted chats so that users can see where a link is taking them, before clicking on it.
  • Active Status: You can now let your friends see your status allowing them to know when it’s a good time to call. You can also choose to turn this feature off if you want to improve your privacy.
  • Bubbles on Android: Bubbles (chat head) is a wide use feature for Messenger so you can chat or call when using a different app or gaming.

Meta also said they are gradually expanding the testing default for the End-to-End encryption for Messenger. The company continued they want to ensure the privacy, security, and safety of user's chats and they will continue to test these features before making them more widely available soon.

What do you guys think?

Source: Facebook
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