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DOT ends deal with ad agency following "Love the Philippines" AVP issue

The DOT ends the contract with the ad agency that produced the controversial promotional vid for the "Love the Philippines" campaign.
DOT ends deal with ad agency following "Love the Philippines" AVP issue
From the DOT FB page

No payments made

After DDB Philippines, the company behind the controversial AVP apologized over its use of stock footage for the AVP of the government’s new tourism branding, DOT announced on Monday that it has terminated its contract with the said ad agency.

As DDB Philippines has publicly apologized, taken full responsibility, and admitted in no uncertain terms, that non-original materials were used in their AVP, reflecting an abject failure to comply with their obligation/s under the contract and a direct contravention with the DOT’s objectives for the enhanced tourism branding, the DOT hereby exercises its right to proceed with termination proceedings against its contract with DDB, DOT Secretary Christina Frasco said in a Facebook post.

Frasco noted that under the contract for the campaign with DDB Philippines, "Material/s produced by the winning bidder should be original and aligned with the DOT's advocacies".

The DOT reserves the right to change, suspend, or discontinue temporarily or permanently the contract at any time should the DOT deem the agency incapable of the project, she added.

Frasco assured the public that no payments were made under the tourism branding campaign contract.

The DOT shall exercise its right to forfeit performance security as a result of default in obligations under the contract, as well to review standards of performance or lack thereof vis-a-vis any claims for payment and/or any other engagement. Further, the DOT reserves the right to take all other action against acts deemed inimical to the interest of Philippine tourism, the tourism secretary noted.

Frasco said the DOT remains fully committed to developing and promoting the country as a "powerhouse of natural wonders, culture and heritage, and a fount of warmth and hospitality which is a source of great love and pride for all Filipinos."

Over the weekend, some netizens pointed out that the promotional vid used by the DOT for the "Love the Philippines" campaign used clips of destination sites from other countries, like Thailand, Switzerland, and UAE.

The department said an investigation is ongoing regarding the allegations.

DDB Philippines on Sunday then apologized to the DOT and admitted to using stock footage from other countries. It said that the video "was intended to be a mood video to excite internal stakeholders about the campaign."

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