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Google Pixel sales skyrocket in Japan - more than any other country!

According to the latest market study by Counterpoint Research, Google's smartphone shipments in Japan in Q1 2023 reached an all-time high making it the largest in any other country in the world.
In Japan, Pixel phones are hot

Pixel phones are big in Japan!

In particular, it captured 34 percent of the brand's overall global shipments in the country. It skyrocketed from just 10 percent during the same period last year.
Massive growth
Massive growth

At number 2 is the United States of America with 31 percent followed by Western Europe with 17 percent. The rest accounts for 18 percent.

One of the reasons behind the growth of Google's smartphone brand in Japan is the withdrawal of many local brands from the Japanese smartphone market. It is expected to strengthen the dominance of US brands like Apple and Google in the country.

Pixel's shipments in Japan are now bigger than local brands Sharp and Sony.

The preference of the Japanese market for smaller screens has also significantly influenced the strong sales of the Pixel 7a. The device is also available for purchase through all three major carriers in Japan–SoftBank, AU, and DOCOMO unlike its processor, which is only available in SoftBank and AU.

This better carrier availability is expected to make the Pixel 7a an even bigger best-seller than the Pixel 6a, the top-selling Android smartphone for seven consecutive months from September 2022 to March 2023.

During the period, Google Pixel sales grew by 67 percent YoY driven by the strong sales of its mid-range Pixel 6 and flagship Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Meanwhile, Pixel 7a saw a 74 percent increase in cumulative sales during its first three weeks compared to its predecessor.

To read Counterpoint's full report, check our source link below.

Note: Pixel phones are not officially available in the Philippines.

Source: Counterpoint

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