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realme TechLife outs 8.8 Super Sulit Sale!

realme TechLife announces its promos for this monthly numbered big sale on Lazada and Shopee.
TechLife outs 8.8 Super Sulit Sale!
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realme TechLife announces Super Sulit Sale!

realme TechLife comes with different products ranging from appliances to power banks, and even a laptop.

One of the highlights worth looking at is the TechLife Rice Cooker which comes with 1.2L capacity, is portable and compact in size, and even features 9 multi-function cooking modes that vary from either cooking rice, porridge, stews, cakes and simply making your food warm.

Next is the TechLife Power Bank 10,000mAh. As the name suggests you can charge your electronic devices with its large capacity at 10W standard charging speed all while maintaining a slim body. Users can either choose micro USB or USB-C and can charge up to two devices at the same time. There's also a protective chip so it won't overcharge or over-discharge and prevent short circuits.

The third one is the TechLife Notebook. It features a lightweight body at 1.52kg and 19.3mm thin alongside the 14-inch display, core i3 11th gen processor, 8GB/256GB memory configuration, 4780mAh battery + 65W fast charger, and Windows 11 Home.

If you prefer a slightly powerful laptop, you can also take a look at the TechLife Notebook S. It also comes with a slim and lightweight design and a 14-inch panel. However, they upgraded its Core i3 to 12th gen version, 8GB RAM and bigger 512GB SSD, 6,600mAh battery + 60W fast charging, and also runs Windows 11 OS.

Do note purchasing the laptops can get a FREE multi-sleeve bag so you can carry them around easily.

Below is the list for Lazada 8.8 Super Sulit Sale:

TechLife Power Bank 10000mAh - PHP 799 (PHP 459 discounted price)
TechLife Electric Pot - PHP 1,799 (PHP 1,199 discounted price)
TechLife Rice Cooker - PHP 1,999 (PHP 1,349 discounted price)
TechLife Air Fryer - PHP 3,499 (PHP 2,399 discounted price)
TechLife Notebook - PHP 24,999 (PHP 22,999 discounted price)
TechLife Notebook S - PHP 29,999 (PHP 28,499 discounted price)

Below is the list for Shopee Otso Otso Sale:

TechLife 12W Charger + Cable PHP 399 PHP 219
TechLife Electric Kettle PHP 1,299 PHP 888
TechLife Electric Pot PHP 1,799 PHP 1,299
TechLife Rice Cooker PHP 1,999 PHP 1,499
TechLife Air Fryer PHP 3,499 PHP 2,499

Again you may head to TechLife's Lazada or Shopee official stores to avail any of these devices.

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