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HUAWEI and vivo signs cross-licensing agreement over cellular patents

Chinese tech giant HUAWEI earlier revealed that the company has signed a global patent cross-licensing agreement with prominent mobile maker vivo.

HUAWEI x vivo partnership

The agreement covers "Standard Essential Patents" which includes 5G.

HUAWEI said that they have reached an agreement with vivo through amicable negotiation.

Huawei is pleased to have reached this agreement with vivo through amicable negotiation, said Alan Fan, Head of Huawei's Intellectual Property Department.

He added,

This licensing agreement reflects our mutual respect for the value of each other's patents. It also demonstrates that the industry is working together. We're collectively investing in fundamental research, and we're committed to standardizing and sharing the fruits of innovation. In the end, it's all about providing people around the world with better products and services.

The statement indicates that both companies are also working together to provide better products and innovations to their customers.

vivo has yet to publish its statement in its official global press room.

Globally, vivo is currently the 5th largest mobile player according to IDC. In China, vivo is the number 1 player followed by the resurging HUAWEI at number 2.

Source: HUAWEI

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