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Realme UI focuses on design, functionality, and optimization

In China, along with the realme X50 5G, realme has recently launched its very first Android skin, the realme UI 1.0.
Realme UI focuses on design, functionality, and optimization
Realme UI

Realme UI highlights and features

Realme UI is based on Android 10 and the new ColorOS 7 skin. According to the company, it is a skin for "seamless fun" as it focuses on design, functionality, and optimization.

It is designed in terms of system colors, icons, wallpapers, and animations. Realme UI uses high-saturation and high-brightness colors to make users feel "younger".
Customizable icons
Customizable icons

For icons, it uses the golden ratio and a light-figure design style for a minimalist look. The cool thing here is you can customize the icons to square, round, larger, and small depending on what you prefer.

Realme also highlights that it has wallpapers from natural elements. It brings 11 new natural elements wallpapers to choose from.

For performance, it has the company's latest "quantum animation engine" which improves screen fluency. It also has several optimizations in the animation to make it look even better.

The skin also has power-saving features to help its users conserve battery.

The skin also has three customized functions to improve user experience.

First is the "flashback" button to the game screen. While the game is loading users can temporarily have access to video, map, taxi service, and more. Then there will be a pop-up to notify users of the remaining seconds to back to the game. It should improve the multitasking experience of users while in-game.

Second is the "Focus Mode" to help users isolated from the outside world. The system will simultaneously play some relaxing music to help users concentrate.

The third is the "Three Fingers Screenshot" that allows users to screenshot by just touching and holding the screen with 3 fingers and swipe down to select the specific area.

The good news for realme users? A lot of realme devices will be updated to realme UI in 2020.

Update schedule

Realme UI update schedule
Realme UI update schedule

Jan 2020 - Realme 3 Pro, realme XT
Feb 2020 - Realme X, realme 5 Pro
March 2020 - Realme X2, realme X2 Pro
April 2020 - Realme 3, realme 3i
May 2020 - Realme 5, realme 5s, realme 5i
June 2020 - Realme 2 Pro
Q3 2020 - Realme C2

What do you guys think?
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