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Huawei partners with Dep't of Tourism, Manila Bulletin for the "It's More Fun With You" photo contest

Huawei partnered with the Department of Tourism and Manila Bulletin for the "It's Fun With You" photo contest to promote the PH tourism scene.
Huawei partners with Dep't of Tourism, Manila Bulletin for the "It's More Fun With You" photo contest
Huawei announces the "It's More Fun With You" photo contest

Huawei "It's More Fun With You" photo contest is now official

The contest is open for anyone submitting photos about traveling in the Philippines using a Huawei smartphone. Tourist spots, activities, attractions, and travelers enjoying their time at different places in the Philippines are what they expect to see.

To participate, here are the requirements. Participants are invited to experiment with different angles, formats, and lighting situations to best portray the Philippines' beauty and vitality. All photos must be taken using Huawei smartphones. Portraits, landscapes, and macro photographs are the three categories in which they can submit their work.

The winning entries will be assessed on their originality, ingenuity, and commitment to the topic. There is no limit to how many submissions any participant may submit, as long as they do not submit duplicates across categories. Only Huawei mobile devices can be used to process and edit entries as well. Black-and-white submissions are discouraged and might result in disqualification.

Here is the link for the full contest mechanics. Entries will only be accepted until April 3, 2022. To choose the winners, representatives from Huawei Mobile, Manila Bulletin, and the Department of Tourism will meet with a professional photographer.

Three winners will be picked on April 13, 2022, one for each category. Each winner will get a free Huawei P50 Pro and their photo will be displayed on Manila Bulletin's Facebook page. Other participants will still be entered into a raffle to win a free Huawei P50 Pocket.

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