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MPL PH Season 10: Blacklist wins 3rd Championship crown!

Blacklist International wins another Championship title in the MLBB MPL PH Season 10 tournament.
MPL PH Season 10: Blacklist wins 3rd Championship crown!
The whole team

Blacklist International 3x Champs in PH!

Back in Season 9, the team faced challenges as they never reached the playoffs. This is because the "VeeWise" duo have rested on the said season after their multiple successful achievements from S7 and S8 including the M3 and SEA Games 2022.

Coming into Season 10, the original World Championship lineup is back where they finished the regular season with a top spot and a score of 22 wins with 12 losses. This also clinched them an upper-bracket spot in the next phase.
S10 regular season standings
S10 regular season standings

However, unlike before the team usually was dominant and with either zero losses or a few only. This time around all PH teams have stepped up their game and have shown similar macro gameplay as them.

Insert the Playoffs,  Blacklist International defeated Bren Esports in an all classic 5-Game showdown in the upper bracket and ended it with a score of 3-2.

In the next stage, Blacklist fought Echo Philippines AKA the "super team" as this is a lineup assembled with notable names that excel in their roles including the super MVP jungler in M2 "Karltzy". However, Blacklist asserted itself with a commanding sweep of 3-0.

With Echo falling to the lower bracket finals, they faced another championship contender RSG PH but they defeated them with a score of 3-1.

Coming into the grand finals, Blacklist meets Echo PH again. But this time around the said, "super team" showed resistance in games 2 and 3.

Meanwhile, Blacklist tweaked their drafts by using heroes that were never picked in the jungle position in the Pro scene. "Wise" picked Guinevere and Valentina as his core.
The Playoff result with 4-2 in the finals
The Playoff result with 4-2 in the finals

This gave the team a new flavor allowing them to secure the succeeding games. Ending the grand finals with a score of 4-2.

As expected the captain "OhymyV33nus" displayed superior shot-calling prowess plus "Hadji" the midlaner consistently responded on time as well.
"Edward" as MVP
"Edward" as MVP

Meanwhile "Oheb" the carry seemingly is back again in his prime and "Edward" the exp laner was all over the map to secure objectives for his team. He was also named the final's MVP.

The supporting members are "Kevier", "Eson", "Dexstar", Coach "Master the basics"  and Coach "Bon Chan".

Blacklist International was also the first team to get a 3x Championship title in the country. Plus this also gives them the ticket to defend their crown in the upcoming M4 World Championships. Of course, Echo PH is also qualified to that for securing the 1st runner-up spot.

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