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ICYMI: China releases new regulations that will block Intel, AMD in gov't computers

This development is in line with China's move to prioritize its locally developed technology.
File photo: Intel and AMD logos
File photo: Intel and AMD logos

Beijing blocks US chip companies

According to reports by foreign media, China introduced new procurement guidelines that will lead to the replacement of US microprocessors Intel and AMD in government PCs and servers. This as the East Asian superpower boosts efforts to replace foreign technology with local ones.

The latest rules also affect Microsoft's Windows operating system and foreign database software.

Government offices above township level were told to include in their criteria "safe and reliable" processors and operating systems when procuring.

In December last year, China's industry ministry issued a statement with three separate lists of CPUs, operating systems, and centralized databases that are "safe and reliable." According to Reuters, all these were Chinese companies. The list includes HUAWEI and the state-backed group Phytium.

The news agency said China's State Council Information Office, as well as Intel and AMD, did not respond when asked for comment.

According to the Financial Times, Beijing’s latest move is its "most significant step yet to build up domestic substitutes for foreign technology and echo moves in the US as tensions increase between the two countries."

In the US, the Biden administration is working on boosting the country’s semiconductor output and reducing reliance on China and Taiwan.

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