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Report: Samsung concedes, purchased LG OLED screens for TVs

In 2021, Samsung was reportedly buying millions of OLED panels from market leader LG Display. After that, Samsung reached out to team GIZGUIDE "confirming" that it is just a rumor.
OLED Evo TV in person
File photo: OLED Evo TV

However, it appears that Samsung changed its mind.

Fast forward to 2023, based on its three sources Reuters reported that Samsung signed a deal with LG Display.

Samsung finally admitted that OLED for TVs is better?

It said that LG Display Co Ltd will start supplying high-end TV panels to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd with high-end panels as early as this quarter.

The sources with direct knowledge of the matter said that these TVs will likely carry the 77-inch and 83-inch white OLED (WOLED) TV panels.

The report claimed that LG Display aims to supply 2 million units next year. In the subsequent years, LG will supply 3 and 5 million.

Samsung previously argued that OLED screens are more suitable for smaller devices due to their high cost. But, this reported deal made them finally admit that OLED is better for premium TVs.

At the moment, LG has over 50 percent market share in the OLED TV line while Sony has 26 percent. Samsung is just at 6 percent.

The deal might help the latter compete with at least Sony in the OLED market share.

The deal will also definitely benefit LG.

Just last night, Samsung launched its new OLED TV line in the Philippines.

Read the full report below.

Source: Reuters

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