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Unreleased OPPO Find X7 Ultra prototypes showcased with zoom ring and ring light effect!

OPPO has showcased two unreleased variants of OPPO Find X7 Ultra prototypes: one with a zoom ring and one with a ring light.
Unreleased OPPO Find X7 Ultra prototypes showcased with zoom ring and ring light effect!
OPPO Find X7 Ultra zoom ring and ring light

OPPO showcases two unreleased prototypes of the Find X7 Ultra

To recall, the Find X7 Ultra features top-notch imaging technology with its Hasselblad 50MP F/1.8 Sony LYT-900 w/ 1G7P lens, OIS + 50MP f/2.0 123-degree ultra-wide-angle camera w/ 4cm macro + 50MP f/2.6 Sony LYT-600 3x periscope camera + 50MP f/4.3 Sony IMX858 6x periscope camera + LED flash.
The ring light design
The ring light design

Apparently, OPPO had some tricks up its sleeve that it didn't decide to push through. The first prototype was showcased to have some unique rounded lighting on its camera island which lights up according to "different reasons" as OPPO Product Manager Ray Wang claims.

The brand says the design was inspired by the previous OPPO Reno7 Series Orbit Breathing Light. However, this one had a smaller lighting effect since the sensors and camera island aren't as big as the Find X7 Ultra's.
The zoom ring design
The zoom ring design

Meanwhile, there's another more interesting prototype. OPPO calls it "Zoom Ring design" on the camera island which is inspired by DSLR's rotating zoom lens.

OPPO noted that it has rotatable outer rings for seamless zooming just like having a professional camera.

It seems OPPO had thought of adding physical control for zooming in on subjects from a distance with this phone instead of using it just on the camera app.

Apart from that, OPPO also showed White and Brown color choices that were also unreleased.
Unreleased White and Brown color choices
Unreleased White and Brown color choices

Unfortunately, the brand did not mention why they didn't push through with these ideas as the clip ended quickly after mentioning these two prototypes.

You can watch the clip below.

No matter how interesting these advancements are, we can only guess what could be the main reason behind them. Who knows? They might implement these in the next versions.

After all, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra looks to be fine as an ultra-premium camera phone which it "briefly shared" the no. 1 spot with HUAWEI's Mate 60 Pro+ in the DxoMark's ranking before getting dethroned by HONOR Magic 6 Pro.

What do you guys think?

Source: OPPO

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